Hello and welcome! I’m so thrilled that you’re here (hopefully it’s not a mistake :-)! Since you’re here, let’s get to know each other.

The unconventional southern belle… a weird juxtaposition, I know. In case you’re wondering how my moniker came to be, I’ll share! I’m originally from Lake City, SC (where?! *insert head scratch*). Just know it’s a city in the south; born and raised. My upbringing has caused me to at least try to embody all the conventional traits of a southern belle (e.g. gracious, hospitable, charming, etc). But, I have no qualms about getting sweaty, throwing the football around in the backyard with my son or doing manual labor. This is where things get a bit unconventional! I would tell my dad I’m the son he never had (though he does in fact have a son; sorry brother!). Much of my childhood was filled with tomboy adventures, until about 8th grade when I realized heels were good for things other than prancing around the house in a princess costume. From that point, my love of fashion and beauty grew and continues to grow.

So why start a blog, you may ask; a good lead in to my educational background. Around 8th grade (apparently I laid the foundation for my entire life at the age of 13), I decided I wanted to be a psychologist. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I took my first psychology class ( shouts out to Michele Mata, wherever you are!). After finishing the semester with a 103 average, I decided this was probably something I could be good at. So when freshman year rolled around, declaring psychology as my major was a no brainer. Four years later, I graduated with a bachelors in psychology from Winthrop University (Go Eagles!), and 4 years after that with a Masters of Applied Psychology from Francis Marion University (Go Patriots!)

If you’re still with me, then I’m sure you’ve already guessed that was just a long winded way of saying I enjoy helping people. Not only helping, but sharing my experiences with others. After all, if I’ve figured something out why not share it with the next person? Well, this is me sharing with the next person. I hope you enjoy! ❤️