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In 2017 I began a blog without a clear vision for what I intended to do with it. However, in the last three years, I’ve forged ahead, found my footing, and made lasting connections with creators and brands alike. As my platforms grew and I found myself in front of audiences recounting my journey, I realized just how much I enjoyed leading others to success. From this revelation, The UBS Marketing and Consulting was born.

With a Master’s Degree in psychology, 13 years in the field and eight of which that have been dedicated to the field of behavioral psychology, one could assume that I know people. In addition, I’ve worked with countless brands and companies as an influencer over the last three years. These experiences have equipped me with a knowledge of how to make products and services desirable to potential customers. My education has prepared me to analyze and understand the behavior of customers, while my personality has afforded me the ability to connect with target audiences. I am committed to using my skills to help businesses of all sizes grow, while tapping into their target markets using the power of social media. Let’s work together to create magic! Contact me today to get started.

Discover The USB Marketing and Consulting Services

The USB Marketing and Consulting provides services to business owners of all sizes. I also provide 1:1 and group coaching! See the services I provide below.

The USB Marketing and Consulting Services

Social Media Management

Growing your business takes hard work. Though social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools, at the end of a long day it’s merely and afterthought. Leave it to me!
Price: Varies

Writing Services

Blogs can be a great addition to your business website. It can provide further insight into the services you provide, while offering in vivo experiences. Other documents, like press releases, can alert customers and newsletter subscribers to exciting changes in your business!
Price: Starting at $100

Business Coaching

Starting a business can be the best decision in a person’s life. However, figuring out how to grow that business while expanding your customer base can be tricky. Let me help you navigate the most important aspects of building a social media following that can be converted to customers! Price: Varies

*Please note that this menu is not exhaustive. Contact me today to discuss how I can serve you!

You’ve helped me complete things I never knew I was capable to do!

-Ashley R. @naturallyrowe

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