Well obviously this title is a touch inaccurate, unless you’re a psychic…which you’re probably not so I’ll fill you in.

If you checked out my about page, then you have at least a general idea of why I’m here; to talk pretty things! But why another blog about makeup/hair/fashion?! Why not?! Plus, there’s plenty room for each of us to shine in our own right.

So folks, I don’t just want to talk pretty things; I want to talk pretty things for those of us who can appreciate a budget (hello somebody!). I’ve always believed it’s not all about where you find your products, but how you use/style your products. I love making great finds and sharing those finds with you. With that, if there’s ever anything I share and, for some crazy reason, don’t attach a tag or reference feel free to ask!

I’m so excited to be starting this journey with you! I pray you stick around and that I can be of some use to you. Talk soon! 💋


4 Comments on “You know why I’m here…

  1. Gurl, don’t know how you find the time to even do this but I’m here for honey.

  2. Hey sweetie! I love that you’ve started your blog. Staying for the fun 💙

    • Thank you love! I remember you asking me years ago to do a makeup tutorial. Let’s see how this goes ❤️

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