Like most other naturals, I’ve co-washed, shingled and twisted my way through a sea of products specifically developed for natural coils, kinks and curls. I’ve tried the high end on down to the more economically priced, from sulfate free shampoos to curl enhancing creams. I say all that to say, that I’ve been around the block and there’s one brand of product in particular that I keep coming back to; Cantu.

I’ve not found another brand of products that transform my curls quite like Cantu’s products, specifically Cantu Coconut Curling Cream. In terms of skin, I’m SUPER oily but when it comes to my hair, I struggle with dryness. Cantu offers a range of products including thicker creams which make it easier to keep my thirsty locks moisturizes. Plus, I’ll admit, I’m not the best at moisturizing my hair regularly so I need a product with staying power.

I’ve gotten amazing results with a number of Cantu products, but my favorite remains their Coconut Curling Cream. The description boasts of capabilities such as “defining curls without weighing them down”, and “reducing frizz” which I can attest to both! Keep reading to see how I used this wonder product to refresh a 7-day old twist out.

As the title suggests, I’ll show you how I refreshed my curls in 3 easy steps using only a spray bottle, my Cantu Coconut Curling Cream and my fingers! Simple enough, right?

1. Starting with the sections that require the most TLC (e.g., the most frizzy or lacking in definition), separate the strands into a one inch (or smaller depending on the look you want to achieve) section with your fingers.

Lightly mist the section with your spray bottle. You don’t want to saturate the hair, lest you want to invite shrinkage to the party. If that’s your thing, more power to you! But, if not, a spritz or two of water will do.

2. Start with literally a dab of product. Dip your fingertip into the Curling Cream, scooping out about a pea sized amount or slightly less.

3. Smooth the Curling Cream down the section of pre-moistened hair starting at mid shaft and working your way up.

I know you’re probably thinking, “why mid shaft and not the root?” Though I like to moisturize the entire section of hair, I like less product at the root of my hair so that I can maintain volume. The bigger the hair, the better!

After coating the section, begin coiling it around your finger. If it’s a particularly stubborn section (like the entire left side of my head), try twisting the hair gently between your thumb and index finger to coil it. Repeat steps 2-3 until you’ve achieved the desired look.

Violá! You’re done! Now, I prefer to do this before bedtime to allow my hair time to dry overnight. That way the curls are less likely to frizz when I separate them. Using this method, I’m able to stretch my twist out for another 3-4 days while enjoying definition and shine.

How do you guys refresh old styles? I’d love to hear from you! As always, if you have and question, comments or suggestions, talk to me! If you like what you see, subscribe!

Talk soon! 💋


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