For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted a camel coat. However, I was never able to find one that was quite my style and if it was my style, it wasn’t in the range of what I am willing to spend on a coat. Then enters this beautiful specimen!

When I saw it, I immediately got excited. I quickly scanned the row of coats for my size, and excitement turned to elation when I found my size. Bingo! Then, a familiar sense of dread set in. A coat this beautiful had to be priced in the “no-go zone” right? Wrong! I took one look at the price tag and came to the realization that this little coat had just found a new home *cue chirping birds*! Ha!

My face when I saw the price of this coat.

Priced at just $60, dare I toss it into the cart? Oh no honey, I carried this one to the register!

How I walked out of the store after paying the check. Am I the only one who’s not above wearing a purchase out of the store?

Needless to say, this is may absolute favorite coat. It’s elegant enough to be dressed up, but casual enough to rock with flats. It’s the epitome of versatility, and the love of my entire winter.

Find this beautiful coat here. What outerwear are you guys loving this season?

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Talk soon! 💋

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