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Since spring is refusing to show up and stay, I’m keeping myself busy by lusting over all the cute spring pieces I’ve found in my online shopping adventures. As the title suggests, this post is dedicated to rompers! I mean seriously, who doesn’t love a good romper? It’s a whole outfit in one! The only downside to rompers is when it’s time to go potty and you end up on the toilet like this:

πŸ˜‚ Other than that, they’re a winning choice! Keep scrolling for some cuties I rounded up from Forever 21!


  1. Ok, I’m currently all about some denim and I’m not quite sure where it came from. I especially like this one because it appears to be a simple denim romper from the front but, when you turn this baby around, you find all kinds of surprise sexy. It’s the perfect balance of conservative and sex appeal. Plus with all that ventilation happening on the back side, it’ll be perfect for a hot summer day outside at a cookout or barbecue.
  2. Since my six-pack has been stalling for quite some time…like all my life…I’m really feeling this peek-a-boo romper. It let’s us girls who don’t want to bare it all bare just a tad. Plus the pinstripe adds an air of sophistication. This little number would be an ideal summer date night piece.
  3. Now this! Yes, ma’am! I love everything about this jumpsuit Though it’s full length, the spaghetti straps will show just enough of your sun kissed summer skin. I especially like the open detailing of the pant, creating the flowy illusion of a maxi dress.
  4. You can’t go wrong with this simple white romper. This can be styled literally a million ways, with a number of different kinds of shoes and accessories. Also, in the heat of summer, white is always a good choice to keep cool.
  5. How cute and dainty is this romper?! There is something so crisp and clean about blue and white stripes to me! This cutie would be perfect for a day out with friends or comfortable enough to run Saturday errands.
  6. This jumpsuit is all kinds of sassy; from the ruffle sleeves to the low cut sides! Now unless this comes in long length (which I’m sure it doesn’t) I’ll be living vicariously through my petite to average sisters on this one. This beauty is perfect for a night out with friends, a significant other or even a first date; it says, “I’m fine, I know it but I respect myself”.

What trends are you guys crushing on this nonexistent spring (insert crying emoji)?

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Talk soon!πŸ’‹


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