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Now if you read my National Pawn blog post, then you saw the list of all the ways I’ve shopped. As of late, my favorite way to shop is online. It’s so easy and convenient…too convenient in fact. One minute I’m hopping online just to browse the latest sale and the next I’ve spent $200. Yikes!

Boohoo is definitely one of my preferred online boutiques. With their amazing sales, I definitely don’t log off feeling like I’ve broken the bank. Many times they run sales with up to 80% off, and I end up making out like a bandit. As a matter of fact, for the next 10 hours, (almost) the entire shop is up to 80% off! Needless to say, I’ve got a mini haul on its way to my doorstep.

While I was getting for myself, I felt it only right to share the wealth with you guys. I’ve rounded up some cuties I found on Boohoo’s site (amongst hundreds) for you here! They literally have something for everyone from tall to maternity. Keep scrolling to take a looksee!

Can’t forget the shoes!!

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2 Comments on “Sale Alert: Boohoo!

  1. Yess! I love boohoo. I was definitely browsing their site yesterday!

    • They’re great! I can’t ever browse without buying, so they can be dangerous for me!

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