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For some reason, I’m really digging the color red this season. It’s like I just realized how good it looks on my skin. So, when I saw this red, floral jumpsuit for $15 bucks (yes, you read right) in Ross, I jumped on it. Honestly, I had planned to take it back because (1.) I didn’t need it and (2.) at the time, the fit didn’t wow me. Luckily enough, procrastination came in handy for once in my life. Once I finally made time to return it, the time period for which I could return it had expired (darn!).

Anywho, when I received the invite from Purcado to participate in their first ever blogger meet up, (btw, go check them out if you’re interested in getting the best price possible for your shoes) I gravitated to this piece.

Not only did it photograph well, but it was perfect for the humid afternoon in Durham.

With my new friend, Jessica of Linnstyle Blog

Since I found this jumpsuit at Ross, finding it again would be like finding a needle in a haystack. BUT, I’ve linked a number of options inspired by this jumpsuit below.

Also how cute is the bag? I’ve seen the high end version, but I get gun shy about making expensive purchases like that when I can find an inexpensive dupe.

These shoes are oldies but goodies. They are quite possibly the most comfortable sandal I currently own. These exact shoes are gone, but I’ve linked very similar ones below.

Photos By Katie Louann

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4 Comments on “Lady in Red ♥️

  1. Same girl! Ever since last fall I’ve been collecting red like it’s on sale! And I used to despise red – the power of fashion for ya! Love all your alternative options too and I’m just gonna have to get that bag! Looking fabulous and enjoyed the post!

    • Me too! 5 years ago you wouldn’t have caught me in red, but now I can’t get enough of it! For the bag, if you check my newest post, I linked the exact same one. That one is $37. I know they can get really pricey! Thank you for reading, girl! ♥️

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