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The weekend before last I had the honor of being at guest at the third annual Crusade of Curves in Raleigh, NC hosted by curvy model Chasity Saunders. This event is the first and only fashion event in North Carolina that celebrates the beauty of curvy women, and let me tell you it was all love! The energy was crazy, and it was clear that Mallory Richardson, the show’s creator, and her team had worked tirelessly to make sure the show ran as smoothly as possible.

In addition to a fashion show, a covergirl competition was hosted via the Crusade of Curves’ Instagram account. The intent was to highlight a curvy beauty who embodies what COC stands for. This year’s winner, model Kristin Schackmann, graced the cover of the Crusade of Curves program. I was fortunate enough to be seated right beside Kristin! A rising star, Victoria Valenzuela, was also chosen to represent the COC brand. So, ladies, if you feel you have what it takes (and I have no doubt you do) prepare yourself to enter to be the next COC covergirl!

The Show

The show itself was two hours of non stop fun. From the unique fashions created by designers from Rocky Mount to Chicago, to the fierceness each model rocked the runway with, this show lacked nothing. We got to see not only clothes, but jewelry, lingerie and swimwear. Though the fashion alone was something to behold, what struck me most was the confidence of the beautiful women before us. Women who live in a society that says they should be ashamed of their bodies, boldly flaunting what God and their mamas gave them. It was so empowering and a strong reminder that are differences are what make us beautiful, and that in 2019 we need to put unattainable standards of beauty to bed once and for all. Take a peek at a bit of the show below.

*Diclaimer: I really REALLY enjoyed myself, so please excuse the quality of the video as I was more focused on taking in the show 💕

Have you ever attended the Crusade of Curves? If so, tell me about in the comments below. I hope to see y’all in Charlotte in 2020 because I most definitely plan to be in the house!

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