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Even though we’ve lived in the Triad for over three years, I still feel mostly connected to the Triangle. Most of my contacts are still there, and the home base for my full time job is there. So, when I got the invitation to attend the media night at Butcher and Bull I jumped at the opportunity to spend some time experiencing the region we call home.

Butcher and Bull, a contemporary steakhouse in Winston-Salem, NC, is shaking up the dining scene, veering from the stereotypical formal steakhouse. Under the direction of executive Chef Richard Miller, Butcher and Bull is providing diners with a warm atmosphere and elevated dishes featuring the freshest ingredients possible from local Triad farms.

Chef Richard Miller

When I arrived at the restaurant, I immediately realized that the location was familiar to me. Located in the Marriott Hotel in downtown Winston, it definitely didn’t feel like a “hotel restaurant”. I had actually dined in the restaurant that occupied the space prior to the opening of Butcher and Bull, and I personally don’t feel there’s any comparison between the two.

As a blogger, I appreciate beautiful photo worthy spaces; the interior of Butcher and Bull didn’t disappoint.

We began the evening in a private room completely bathed in natural light (insert heart eyes emoji)! I immediately got to snapping. When the appetizers started to arrive, I soon noticed that I wasn’t the only thing picture worthy in that amazing lighting. How cute is this dish? It was just as yummy as it is visually appeasing.

After some time mingling, we migrated to another private room with a table large enough to accomodate everyone in attendance that night. I naturally assumed this would be a strictly mix and mingle type of event, but I was wrong. We learned that Butcher and Bull offers spaces to accommodate intimate affairs, as well much larger gatherings, comfortably.

One of Butcher and Bull’s Private Dining Rooms.

When dinner started, I swear it felt like it never stopped! We sampled everything from hanger steak to squid, and everything was absolutely delicious! Now anyone who knows me, knows I DON’T DO SQUID! But, I decided to be adventurous that night, and I was pleasantly surprised. I now know that I’ll eat anything if it’s seasoned well LOL! Further still, every single dish came with a wine pairing. Even the dessert y’all! We sampled three desserts and received wines to pair with each confection. They obviously have someone on staff who knows what they’re doing! Needless to say, I left stuffed and happy.

I honestly can’t wait to get back to Butcher and Bull with Doug. He loves steak way more than me, and I know he’ll be in heaven. If you live in the Triad or will be visiting the area, I highly recommend checking out Butcher and Bull. It’s perfect for everything from date night to a business dinner.

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