Food, Fun, and Shopping! Hanes Mall Belk Celebrates Educators

Last Sunday at six in the evening, the Hanes Mall Belk turned into more than just a department store. For two hours it became a haven for educators – current and retired – and their families. The store remained open after hours to offer Forsyth County educators a night of fun and exclusive discounts in preparation for the start of the school year. I was just happy to be in the number!

Stacey Scheeder, Asst. Store Manager (M) and Natalie Cassidy, Talent Manager (R)

The Hanes Mall Belk, the third largest Belk location in the state, in partnership with the Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce transformed all three floors of the store welcoming vendors from the local community. Vendors ranged from wellness/fitness providers to restaurants to insurance agencies who also hosted individual giveaways and offered discounts to attendees. The outfit was made complete with a red-carpet welcome, drumline, and free food. Guests were greeted by the store’s manager, Julia Outlaw, and Forsyth County’s Interim Superintendent Kenneth Simington. Raffles were held throughout the evening and mini makeovers and massages were provided. I had my makeup done at the MAC counter (hey Julie 👋🏾 ), and lemme tell you they have some talent in the cosmetics department.

This is the Hanes Mall Belk’s second year hosting this event to honor Forsyth County educators. To commemorate the occasion, a $1000 check was awarded to Angie Vaughn (President) and Donald Dunn (Past President) of the Forsyth Educator Partnership along with a school bus (yes, an actual school bus) filled with school supplies.

I’ve never taught personally, but I have close friends who have/do, and I’ve learned how difficult it is to be an educator. Hanes Mall Belk’s own Stacey Scheeder, the assistant store manager, taught for seven years before changing career paths. I can only imagine the effort that goes into the day of an educator, and I’m willing to bet that most days it’s a thankless job. I already loved Belk before, but I have the utmost respect for the Hanes Mall Belk staff and the Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce for giving back to educators in their community. I had the best time being a “living model” and mingling with guests! Check out some of the fits I donned below! So many of you liked these ensembles, so I linked as many pieces as I could!

Top // Necklace // Earrings
Jumpsuit // Shoes
Top // Shorts // Earrings // Necklace
Pants // Boots

I’m so honored to have been a part of this event and can’t wait for next year! To all my educators, much love and respect! Thank you for all you do. I hope you all have an amazing school year!

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Talk soon!

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