Hey ya’ll! If you follow me on the ‘Gram you may (or may not) have already met my most prized Christmas gift. My friends over on Instagram suggested a number of good names, but I still haven’t settled on one yet.  For now we’ll just call her by her given name:

the Fingercomber Sof-Knix HD Unit. A few year ago…well really more than a few (6 years this year, yikes!)…when Doug and I were engaged I embarked upon a “Grow the Fro” campaign for our wedding the next year. I knew I wanted to wear my own natural hair for our ceremony and that I wanted to grow it out for the big day. At that time, I made my own unit using the cheapest bundles I could find and my very basic sewing skills.

Jesus was certainly a fence because I have no idea how it came out halfway decent (at least in my opinion), and held up long enough for me to wear it for nine months (actually longer)! This was very effective and my hair grew substantially during this time. Since then, I’ve given my natural hair breaks with the longest most recent streak being 12 weeks. During that time, I wore a number of different protective styles that still required some manipulation of my own hair. I really enjoyed my homemade unit because I was able to leave my hair in twists, unbothered until wash day came around.

Enter the Fingercomber Sof-Knix HD Unit

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I had been eyeballing the entire Fingercomber site for the last year. I finally asked for this unit for Christmas (shout out to my mama for the assist!) and my only regret is that I didn’t get it sooner! This unit has surpassed my expectations and has made the perfect protective style to help grow my fro. It looks so natural — I can’t tell you how many times this unit has been mistaken for my own hair. I’m completely obsessed! I know you guys have questions, so lets get into it!

Where did you find the Fingercomber Sof-Knix HD Unit?

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If you’ve been reading up til now then you know I got my baby girl from Fingercomber.com. They have a variety of options that would blend well with all natural hair types. It was honestly very hard to make a final decision, but I chose the Sof-Knix unit because I knew it would be the easiest for everyday wear.

How do you maintain your hair under the Sof-Knix HD Unit?

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Ya’ll, I’m a lazy hobo so I don’t do much to my hair under my unit on a daily basis. Right now my hair is in medium sized twist, pulled into a ponytail that I’ve twisted and pinned to the top of my head. See. Lazy hobo. BUT, with the volume of this unit my hair doesn’t have to be super flat underneath to make for a natural application. Honestly, I wear my hair the same way under all my wigs. One of my girlfriends pointed out that she could see my hair hump one day while wearing a straight wig. Let me live my life ya’ll! Lol! I spritz and moisturize my twists a couple times a week at bedtime.

How much does the Fingercomber Sof-Knix HD Unit cost?

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I’ve been wearing my unit since the end of December, and for the quality I’d definitely say it’s worth all $98 that was paid for it. Units on the Fingercomber site range from $78-$98 not including the sale units. I’ve experienced minimal shedding, knotting and/or tangling that I couldn’t handle with the help of my Tangle Teezer brush.

What color is your Sof-Knix Unit?

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I got my unit in a number 2. Available colors include 1, 1B, 2, and 4.

How do you maintain your Sof-Knix Unit?

I’ve been told that I can be rough on wigs and…it’s true! This wig has been in my possession for 8 weeks and it’s already been through it. Curls have gotten smooshed, frizzy, and otherwise misshapen. Just like with my own natural hair, I can’t keep my fingers out of it. Makes the name Fingercomber quite appropriate in my case. The unit came with care instructions that I read before I ever even put it on my head. It’s recommended that the unit be shampooed and conditioned periodically which was a given. However, I was more interested in how to keep the texture and shape of the curls. I initially followed the enclosed instructions and braided sections of hair that needed refreshing tightly and attached a small perm rod to the ends. To set it, I ran hot water from the sink over the braid/perm rod and let it dry overnight before unraveling it. This was minimally effective so I took to YouTube University for alternate answers. One of the videos I found showed a fellow Fingercomber owner setting her curls with boiled water just as you would if you were setting the ends of box braid. So I brought a pot of water to boil, filled up a cup, dipped the braid in for 30-45 seconds, and wrung the excess water out with a towel. This did the trick! The effect was immediate and I didn’t have to wait overnight for it to dry. Presto!

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How do you make the Fingercomber Sof-Knix HD Unit look so natural?

In order to make my unit look like my own growing hair, I leave a very small amount of my own hair out in the front (about two finger widths worth). The texture of the Sof-Knix Unit isn’t a perfect match to my own so I flat twist the hair to make it blend more evenly.

Final Thoughts

Of all the protective styles I’ve tried in the last year, my Fingercomber Sof-Knix Unit has been my absolute favorite. I’m already trying to decide what my next Fingercomber unit will be!

Of course, I’m still caring for my own hair while growing it out. For a look into some of my wash day favs click here. For a more recent rundown of the products I use, check out my YouTube channel here.

Have you ever worn a Fingercomber Unit? If so, what are your thoughts? As always, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, talk to me! If you like what you see, like, comment, share and subscribe!

Talk soon!

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  1. I need one / I want one. Looks beautiful on. Think I may purchase one. Worth every penny!!!!!!

    • Oh no Karen! I’m so sorry! I just got my second one and thankfully it came in good condition. I hope they can rectify this for you 🙏🏾

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