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A couple weeks ago when two frames on our gallery wall fell and broke, I made the decision to redo the entire gallery wall. Those broken frames were a part of a set, so rather than finding new ones that kind of matched, I bought new ones from Amazon and a few cute accent pieces from Kirkland’s!

I wanted to go for a different look this time, so I pivoted from the matte black of our previous gallery wall. I ended up purchasing a hodge podge of gold frames to create the look I was going for. Now, I don’t measure or map things out before hanging, so if you notice something a little off don’t mention it. See me hanging the frames here, or keep reading for tips on how to create your gallery wall!

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Get Some Inspiration

If you’re planning to do anything in your home and don’t have a Pinterest account, stop now and download the app! Just kidding! Pinterest isn’t necessary, but is sure is a big help. From photos of gallery walls that others have created to outlines of how to position your frames to create the ultimate gallery wall, it has it all. Here are some of my favorite gallery wall pins!

How to Choose Items for Your Gallery Wall

Initially I believed that gallery walls were only made of photos. However, I’ve learned that gallery walls can consist of whatever you decide to add. Mirrors and canvas art make for a nice addition. In fact, gallery walls made completely of mirrors are absolutely stunning. Choosing the right combination of frames, mirrors, and/or wall art can really make your gallery wall pop. Find inspiration below.

Uniform gallery walls are nice, but having a variety of frames in different sizes as well as decorative pieces is more fun! Frames on our gallery wall range from 16×20 to 4×6, and that’s just for now. I can see me adding smaller frames or square frames in the future. Also, don’t be afraid to play around with colors and textures. All the fames on my most recent gallery wall are gold, but they aren’t the same brand of frame. Some have texture while others are a uniform, matte finish. When I put together the “wall of love” or the gallery wall leading up our staircase, I used frames of different sizes, shape and colors.

How to Map Out Your Gallery Wall

This section is obviously a courtesy to everyone who actually measures and plans before they hang things. I admire you! Things that will come in handy when mapping out your gallery wall are a ruler or yard stick, a level and a stud finder if you plan to hang something exceptionally heavy.

Stud finders help to find the beams in the structure of your home. Hanging heavier items in the stud will provide more stability and make it less likely that your item will fall. If you are planning to mount items into a stud, just know it will take a little more elbow grease than it would to mount into the drywall—or a drill. Anything over 20 pounds should probably be mounted into a stud. Also, iPhone users can use their measure app as a level, so save them coins! A pencil will also help when making marks of where you will hang what since you can easily erase if needed.

How to Hang Your Gallery Wall

Now for the fun part! Hanging! Identifying physical parameters when planning out your gallery wall will be helpful. For example, we have a sectional in our living room. I knew that I did not want my hangings to extend beyond the curve or the end of the sectional. Because of this, I knew the space that I had to work within. Additionally, I found it easier to start from the middle and work my way outward. Again, our gallery wall consists of frame of different sizes, and I used our largest print (11×14 photo in a 16×20 matted frame) as the anchor.

Play around with different groupings. Pair a horizontal 5×7 with two vertical 4×6 frames. Group four 4×6 frames to create the illusion of a larger square. Try to group larger and smaller frames into sections within the gallery wall. Don’t forget to intersperse you decorative items as well. Use them to break up groups of frames. I’ve linked the frames and hardware I used below (click the photo for the link!).

Gold 16x20 poster frame for a gallery wall
two gold 4x6 frames for a gallery wall
Three gold 5x7 frame with a photo of a blond haired, blue eyed woman
Double opening gold 8x10 matted frame for a gallery wall
three 8x10 gold frames with a photo of a father and daughter.
Gold picture hanging brackets for a gallery wall

I felt like the wall needed something else after I was done hanging. I’d seen other walls with flower wreaths, which I really liked! I searched Amazon and found similar options starting around $20. Since I’d already placed my Amazon order, I opted to wait on the wreath. However, when the wall was done, I needed it! So, I got to thinking. I remembered some left over ivy garland I’d seen in the garage from my DIY bride days, and found a wire hanger in the coat closet. After some quick maneuvering, I had my wreath and for a fraction of the cost! See the finished product below.

It’s amazing how the right décor, like a gallery wall can really elevate your space and bring Zen to your home. While you admire the glory that is your gallery wall, find the perfect face mask to further elevate your Zen here.

Do you have a gallery wall in your home? What are some fun ways you’ve designed yours? Let me know in the comments!

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7 Comments on “Gallery Wall: How to design it to elevate your space

  1. Inspiring post! Ive been in my house for 4 years and still haven’t done anything with these bare walls. Your post has set a plan in motion! Thanks!!

  2. Inspiring post! Ive been in my home for 4 years and still haven’t done anything with these bare walls. Thanks to your post…a plan is starting to form. Thanks!

    • Yay! I’m so excited to hear that! That was definitely me in our old house (we lived there for 4 years too). I decided to try something new in this one! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  3. Very detailed on how to achieve this and I like the inspiration you’ve provided. Also the hangers are very useful, I need some of those haha.

    • Thank you so much much! Those hangers are a definite game changer!

  4. Yay! I’m so excited to hear that! That was definitely me in our old house (we lived there for 4 years too). I decided to try something new in this one! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  5. Beautiful! Love the compilation of ideas here and will have to try this in one of my walls. Especially love the before and after shot at the end.

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