Hey y’all! If you follow me on the gram then you know that I kicked off a new series last week named Content Creator Chats. That’s where I’m sharing my journey as a creator over the last three years and the tips and tricks of the trade that I’ve learned along the way.

Today’s chat focuses on how to get your foot in the door as a new creator. I’m sharing three ways that I got my foot in the door as a new Creator starting out as a 30 + year old woman.  Keep reading to learn more.

How to Get the Attention of Brands

When I began blogging and influencing I of course was not getting brand deals out of the gate.  However, I wanted to create content for the following that I was growing. So I used my own products that I  paid my own money for and created content around products that I genuinely loved.  Not only was I creating content, but I was also tagging the brand  in those posts.  That was my way of getting myself on the brand’s radar before they even knew I existed.

Because so many content creators can be tagging larger brands at any given time, I also began using corresponding hashtags.  Most times brands will have their own hashtags that you can find in their bio or on their posts.  More times than not, brands are going to be looking around in their own  designated hashtag to see who is utilizing them. This of course helps to improve your visibility with the brand. 

How to Connect with Local Content Creators and Brands

Let’s take another look at hashtags. Just like with using relevant hashtags for brands, use hashtags that are relevant to your area. Becoming a part of a community of bloggers and influencers in your immediate area can be invaluable. However, using hashtags relevant to your area also can help to increase your visibility with brands and companies right where you live. Using hashtags relevant to my area not only helped me to build those relationships with other content creators, but it also helped me to build relationships with businesses and PR agencies. That got me on the list for PR events that helped me to meet folks who potentially managed partnerships, and gave me the opportunity to start building those relationships.

I live in North Carolina so one of the big hashtags here is #NCblogger.  A lot of brands and businesses look around in that hashtag to see who is available to support their brand in the immediate area. So, be using those relevant hashtags! for example if you are a fashion blogger  living in Pennsylvania #fashionbloggerspa may be a relevant hashtag for you.  Or, if you are a beauty blogger living in Chicago, #beautybloggerschi  may be relevant for you. These hashtags not only help to educate potential followers about what you have to offer, but also inform brands and businesses on your availability by location and niche. 

How to Find Collabs- Third-Party Platforms for Content Creators

Third-party influencer platforms are the main way that I started getting paid for brand work. I will be upfront and say though, that one of the downsides to those types of platforms that you will not may not get paid as much. However, if you have the ability, they do afford you experience and the opportunity to create connections with brand partners. For example, say you use a platform like AspireIQ to become connected with a brand, you do the work and you do it well. Your content performs beautifully. At that point, you’re able to take this example and come back to pitch the brand independently. You’ll be able to show the brand what you did for them including metrics and how your audience responded. That way when you say you believe a partnership can be mutually beneficial, you’re not just saying it blindly.

These types of platforms are a good way to get your feet wet while working with brands and doing brand partnerships. Below is a list of third party platforms that I have used or continue to use presently:

Creating genuine relationships with those brand partners. We as influencers must remember that there is a person on the other side of the pitch letter. Genuine connections not only help to build loyalty among your following and loyalty to your brand, but it also helps to create loyalty whenever you work with brand partners. So, whenever they do have an opportunity that would suit you, they’re more likely to seek you out. Creating connections builds trust and familiarity, so be because they know who you are and what you’re about, they’re more likely to come back to you again and again. 

Wrapping Up

Are you currently a content creator, or are you looking to start your creator journey? If you already are, what are some tips you would offer for folks just getting started? If you’re just getting started, what would you like to know? Let me know in the comments! See you soon, but in the meantime, check out my latest blog post!

Talk soon!

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