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Woman in blue dress sitting with open laptop.

Hey y’all!

February is basically over which means Spring is just on the horizon. I am looking forward to warmer months and being able to enjoy restaurants, wineries, and outdoor parties. I am also looking forward to looking cute when I show up on the scene–I’ve got a rep to protect! But, even though Spring is on the horizon, I know our pockets may still be recovering from the holiday splurge. However, never fear because Shoptagr is here.

Screenshot of Shoptagr google chrome extension organizing watched clothing items into list.

Shoptagr is my new (not so) secret shopping weapon that you all need to be introduced to. It is how I’m singlehandedly refreshing my wardrobe while also sticking to my budget. It is an amazing tool and once you get to know it, you will not shop without it again!

What is Shoptagr?

I thought you would never ask! Shoptagr, is a Google Chrome extension that you can download into any browser. It is a virtual shopping assistant that is compatible with over 9000 online retailers, and will make sure that you never miss another sale, price drop, or pay another dime more than you have to. It takes the guess work and wasted time out of finding the best deals online.

Woman in blue dress sitting with open laptop on Shoptagr webpage

How does Shoptagr Work?

You do not have to do anything special to reap the benefits of Shoptagr. All you have to do is shop! Shoptagr works seamlessly in the background while you shop with any of their 9000+ approved online retailers. Once you find items you like, it helps you organize what you’re watching into lists and will watch it for you. As soon as there is a price drop or a sale, Shoptagr will notify you immediately. You can organize all the lists of things you’re watching and even share them with family and friends.

Screenshot of Shoptagr google chrome extension finding coupons to use for an online order.

If you’re ready to buy right then, Shoptagr will scour the internet for coupons and apply them automatically to make sure you get you the best price possible! You can also earn cashback just by shopping as you normally would–BONUS!

Woman in blue dress sitting with open laptop and smiling.

Does Shoptagr ACTUALLY work?

Short answer: YES! I immediately downloaded the Shoptager extension and navigated straight to a pair of Agolde Demin that I had been watching but wasn’t prepared to buy. The pair I wanted retailed for $198 before tax. I paid nearly 50% less than I woud have without the Shoptagr extension. After all applicable coupons, I paid a total of $106 after tax and shipping. YASSSS! I believed Shoptagr would work, but didn’t know it would work that well! I also got myself a few (way more than a few) new tops from Asos to carry me into and through spring. With the extension I saved $54 on that order which included 11 sweaters and blouses! Needless to say, I’m a believer.

Screenshot of Shoptagr google chrome extension saving a product to watch for a sale or price drop.

Also of note is the fact that I get the best experience when I use Shoptagr via desktop. Having quick access to all available coupons on the interwebs is most important to me. I want to make sure I’m saving the most money possible, and having Shoptagr apply coupons automatically for me is top notch! Since I downloaded the extension, I make all my online purchases from my desktop with Shoptagr.

Woman in blue dress sitting with open laptop on Shoptagr webpage

Wrapping up

Shoptagr has really elevated my online shopping game and saved me so much time when trying to save the most money. Not only have I used it to refresh my wardrobe, but I also use it when purchasing things like takeout. It truly has been a lifesaver and reduces the amount of side eye I get when Doug sees the credit card bill. Have you ever used it? Let me know in the comments!

Talk to you soon! In the meantime, check out my latest blog post here.

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