So I mentioned on an Instagram story yesterday that I’d picked up some new products over the weekend. I’d never heard of the brand before, but noticed it bore the Estée Lauder name. I figured since it was backed by a reputable brand, it’d be worth a try. Plus, they were on clearance for $6 a piece! Sold!

The Flash Illuminator was easier to decide upon than the Skin Glowing Balm, as that required determining which color would match best without putting it on my already made up face. I chose the illuminator in Sunlight as it offered a deeper, bronze glow which can compliment darker skin tones. Since I was short on time, I had to take a guess at which shade of the balm would be the best match; I chose right! Though I’m pleased with both purchases, the Skin Glowing Balm is the stand out. Keep reading to find out why.

My first impression of the balm was how much I liked the thick texture of it. Still, I didn’t expect much from it in terms of coverage since it’s not a true “foundation”. Boy, was I wrong! I didn’t know just how wrong until today. The first time I wore it, I mixed it with my Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Foundation. I did notice that is cooled the orange undertone of the foundation, which I liked, but I wasn’t able to adequately access its full abilities. It wasn’t until today around 2p that I noticed that I wasn’t as oily, and that my makeup hadn’t settled into the usual areas as much as it typically does. Sorcery! Especially since I was certain I’d be a ball of grease and shine by noon, the second I finished applying it. It gave my skin a nice glow (hence the name), which may be desirable for folks with normal to dry skin. However, for those who experience an astronomical level of shine like myself, that’s definitely not how you want to start the day! Still yet, a forged ahead with the rest of my routine. Fast forward to 5p, and I’m in awe. Now to say that it completely eliminated my shine would be false, but it was significantly less. Take a look!

I’m excited to see if today was a fluke or if I’ve stumbled upon a new “miracle” product! My initial assessment goes as follows:

Texture: 5 out of 5 stars. I tend to enjoy thicker products, but to each his own. Plus, it blended beautifully.

Color Match: 5 out of 5 stars since I was able to find a shade that matches my skin PERFECTLY just by eyeballing it.

Wear: 5 of 5 stars since settling and shine we’re observed to be considerably less, and my face lasted the entire day!

It’s safe to say, I’m sold (for now). What products do you guys swear by?

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Talk soon! 💋

7 Comments on “New Product Alert!: “the Estée edit” review

  1. I love Estee Edit! They sent me some products in an Influenster Voxbox last year, and I really liked their eye brightening cream. Unfortunately, I read that Estee Lauder is cancelling Estee Edit, even though it’s only a year old. 🙁

    • Oh no! I figured something was afoot when I saw the price. That’s so unfortunate! I’m going to have to stock up in the meantime. Thank you!

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