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The Best Face Oil for My Oily, Acne Prone Skin

Hey ya’ll! I know I talk about my oily skin on here like a broken record. However, today I want to talk about one way I’ve learn to manage the amount of oil my skin produces. It sounds surprisingly counterintuitive, but I’ve gotta hand it to face oils!

+ Happy black woman smiling holding Uoma Beauty's Say What?! Foundation in T2W

Uoma Beauty’s Say What?! Foundation: A review

Hey yall! Over the last few months I have been obsessed with learning about new black owned beauty brands. In that time, I’ve added quite a few to my ever growing collection. Uoma Beauty’s Say What?! foundation has been one of them. I’ve been using this foundation since the middle of the summer, and figured it was time to do a review.


8 DIY Face Masks to Try: Getting Through COVID-19

Hey ya’ll! I hope you all are well and are finding moments for peace during this time. Self care is at the top of my list of things these days, and I don’t know what’s better for calming the mind than doing something good for your skin! Ok, that statement might include a bit of hyperbole but when you battle adult acne like I … Read More 8 DIY Face Masks to Try: Getting Through COVID-19


Juvia’s Place I am Magic Foundation: A Review

Hey yall!! A few months ago, I picked up the Juvia’s Place I am Magic Foundation on one of my many Ulta runs. I posted a video applying the foundation and sharing my initial impression, but I never followed up with final thoughts. Here we are now! Better late than never right? Let’s get into it.


New Season, Who Dis? Acheiving My Best Warm Weather Skin.

Hey ya’ll! Spring made it’s official entrance this past week, and now that skin we’ve been neglecting all winter long is in need of some love. Even for those of us who have been sticking to a skincare routine throughout the colder months, a new season can call for a new approach. I sweat like nobody’s business, so I’ve been really focusing on keeping … Read More New Season, Who Dis? Acheiving My Best Warm Weather Skin.


I Never Met a Foundation I Didn’t Like! Until…

Hey yall! It’s been a while, but I’m back! Sadly, my return is not on the best of terms as I have some really disheartening news to share. I recently picked up the Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation at my local Sephora, and was really excited to try it. I checked it out online first, and was able to find my shade match … Read More I Never Met a Foundation I Didn’t Like! Until…


#DARKLIPSZN (Dark Lip Season)

Hey ya’ll! Happy Sunday! I hope you all had an amazing weekend and are ready for Monday. Last week I posted a selfie showcasing my dark lippie on the gram. After that, I got to thinking


Keeping it Wintertime Fine: Part 1

Hey ya’ll! Even though the temperature in NC has yet to fall, I think I’ve come to terms with the fact that summer is finally over. If you’re like I was prior to my visit with Tina D’Von, (founder and owner of the Skin Studio),