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Last weekend while in NYC I was able to set foot in a brick and mortar NYX cosmetics store. Now, this is so amazing because up until that very weekend, I didn’t know NYX stores existed (don’t judge me, y’all!) ! Imagine my surprise and delight!

My husband was amused by me.

If I could have taken the whole store with me, I would have. But since I only had 3 pounds to spare in my checked bag, I only brought a few items home with me. I’m starting to think that NYX is my new favorite brand! Keep reading to see what I got and a few flicks of me wearing these products.

1. Stay Matte But Not Flat Liquid Foundation

Y’all have heard me say before how oily I am, so I’m always looking for products to keep me matte. Previously, I had been quite loyal to the MAC brand and wouldn’t have dreamed of using any other foundation. However, when adult acne took hold of my face at around the age of 26 (that’s a post for another day), my dermatologist told me that my beloved foundation was not the best for my skin type. I went on the hunt and have been ever since. I’m not guaranteeing that I’ll settle with this foundation, but I’m liking it in the meantime. The fact that it’s only $7.50 doesn’t hurt either! It does a decent job of keeping me matte and lasts all day. I also like that there’s a nice variety of shades. I got this foundation in “Deep Golden”.

2. Gotcha Covered Concealer

I’m a huge fan of contouring (when it done right; heck, sometimes I still miss the mark) so the kind of concealer I use to achieve my desired look is important. I usually go for concealers that are easy to apply and don’t cake. Though this concealer is not the easiest to apply with my flat top brush (it may be easier with a beauty blender), I do enjoy the consistency of it and the overall coverage. Again, there’s a range of colors to choose from which made it easier to find a color that matches well with my complexion. I got this concealer in “Golden” (sensing a theme yet?).

3. Soft Matte Lip Cream

I love matte lipstick! I love even more that these matte lip colors don’t dry my lips out. I picked up three of the babies, two of which are the same color. I decided to pick up two lip creams in “Los Angeles” because I thought this color was discontinued! I’d gotten it a while back in one of the NYX sample kits and had fallen in love. However, I was never able to find it at my local Ulta. I was despondent…ok not really because I literally have over 100 lipsticks, but I really wanted it. So, when I found it tucked away in NYC, two had to come home with me. By the way, shout out to the ladies of the Union Square NYX store! They were super knowledgeable and helpful! Thanks girls! The second color is “Toulouse” which you’ll see me wearing below.

4. Slide on Lip Pencil and Pin-Up Pout Lipstick

My obsession with lipstick has lent itself to a slight obsession with lip liners. I picked this one up after seeing it on one of the ladies working at the NYX store. I believe the combo she was wearing was this lip pencil with the “Dubai” soft matte lip cream and it was gorgeous; I was sold. The name describes this pencil perfectly. It glides on so easily and with good color! I got this pencil in “Urban CafΓ©”. I’m wearing it below with the “Toulouse” soft matte lip cream.

The Pin-Up Pout lipstick was a freebie with my purchase! BONUS! I actually haven’t used it yet, but I snagged it in “Deep Dirty Mauve” for the freeski (it’s and $8 value).

Here I’m wearing the foundation, concealer, soft matte lip cream in “Toulouse” with the “Urban CafΓ©” liner.

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Talk soon! πŸ’‹

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  1. Don’t feel bad girl. I didn’t know they had actual stores either! I love their butter glosses but I only know of one convenience store (near me) that stocks their products! I would have been just as excited as you were! 😊

  2. Oh no! Where do you live, if you don’t mind me asking? I mean, who knew NYX is as big as they are to have actual stores?! It was great though!

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