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In the world of makeup and beauty, all the different product options can be overwhelming; mattifying, long-wear, waterproof, so on and so forth. I personally feel I’m pretty seasoned when it comes to choosing a product, but I can only imagine what it’s like for those of us who only dabble with makeup. All this aside, one of the more important factors we sometimes forget to consider is the tools we use to apply our makeup. For a while (though I’m ashamed admit it), I used my hands to apply my foundation (yikes!). A far more knowledgeable person graciously informed me that the oil from our hands can distort the application of our product, giving it a blotchy or patchy finish. After that, I really began to hone in on face tools that would give me the flawless, airbrushed finish that I was searching for. I’ve since used a variety of beauty blender and brushes, but I think I’ve found the brushes which suit me best.

Japonesque High Density Foundation Brush

I picked up this brush while it was on sale at Ulta. I had been using flat top brushes to contour for some time and liked the result, so I was curious about how this brush would work for foundation application. It creates a very smooth, even finish. This brush is currently sold out (I’d advise keeping an eye out for its return), but I’ve linked similar options above.

Oval Foundation Brushes

I’ve been using an oval foundation brush for a little longer than my flat top brush. Of course when this trend caught on, I was swept up! I’m glad that I was because it turned out to be a really effective tool. I don’t own this particular brush set (I honestly don’t even know the brand of my oval brush set. I picked it up from TJ Maxx), but it is very similar to the set that I own. I’ve also linked some other oval brushes from reputable brands above.

Foundation applied using my Japonesque foundation brush.

What foundation tools are you guys loving?

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