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It’s officially spring here in North Carolina which means trips to the beach/lake/pool will quickly follow suit. That’s right! Swimwear season is upon us and I don’t know about y’all but that five pounds I was suppose to lose to prepare for summer didn’t happen. Honestly, swimsuit season can be daunting for women of all shapes and sizes. But, when you factor in the little extra meat on the bones it can be quite skressful! Not because we aren’t beautiful or have every right to embrace our curves, but because not everyone knows how to make curvy swimwear that flatters our bodies.

When Artesands, an Austrailia based curvy swimwear brand, reached out to me I was all over it. With family gatherings and vacation, my entirrrrre summer will basically be spent on somebody’s beach. So, amazing swimwear (and foundation 5 shades darker than my winter shade) will be in order! Me friends over at Artesands sent me three swimsuits that I want to share with you guys. Warning: there will be gratuitous bawdy and curves pictured ahead. Be sure to engage your brakes *wink*.

Curvy Swimwear: Ju Jardin Botticelli Bikini Top + Hayes Swim Pants

Close up of woman in blue, pink, and white floral two piece curvy swimwear
Fun Fact: Artesands Swimwear styles are named for famous artists

This hot little number earned a place in my life the moment I saw it. I love a good floral print, a strategically placed sash, and ruching 🙌🏾. The top is full coverage, which is so important for us big busted gals, but it’s not boring. The loop through twist feature and convertible straps really accentuate the bussoms while the banded bottom holds everything in place. I HATE feeling like my boobs are going to fall out at any moment (which has happened before after my kid dove on me in the pool 😂. LUCKILY no on saw). At this juncture of my life, I ain’t got no time for a nip slip! This top is also wire free. It’s not only supportive, but comfortable.

Close up of woman in blue, pink, and white floral two piece curvy swimwear

These high waisted swim pants are definitely where it’s at! I feel like they really accentuate my curves while also providing support. These babies are made with 360 degree powermesh for body sculpting and shaping, while the wide rubber waist band prevents rolling down. Plus, the tie front is fully functional and adds a measure of sass to this curvy swimwear set that I can certainly appreciate.

Curvy Swimwear: Aria Giotto Bikini Top + High Waist Swim Pant

Woman in black two piece swimsuit with a floral kimono

Now listen! Just like every woman needs a good little black dress, every woman needs a good black swimsuit. This here is mine and I’m obsessed! This suit is all about simple, clean lines and I’m here for it. Just like with the Botticelli swim top, the Giotto top is full coverage. The straps on this top are convertible as well, and can be worn like a tradition bra (as pictured above) or crisscrossed. The thicker straps add to the comfort and can be adjusted for fit.

Close up of woman in black and white two piece curvy swimwear

I also really love the contrasting material used in the construction of this Artesands swimsuit. Just because it’s black doesn’t mean it has to be bland. I love the detailing of this suit, and again the high waist bottom is very flattering on the curves. The high cut leg is also very fashionable without sacrificing coverage.

Curvy Swimwear: Black Vineyasa Botticelli Bandeau One Piece

Woman in floral black and white one piece swimsuit

So I’ve never been one to be shy about my body. I’ve always had curves, but if given the chance to cover up or flaunt what my mama and (mostly) daddy gave me, I’d choose the latter. However, this piece of curvy swimwear is my absolute FAVORITE! I’m absolutely in love with everything about it. The sweetheart neckline is so demure and the body ruching is so so flattering (I know I’m using that word a lot but it’s true). I have never felt so secure in anything strapless, including bras, but this swimsuit just hugs me! It doesn’t slip or slide down and I don’t have to keep pulling it up to keep my boobies tucked inside. It truly is a dream!

Close up of woman in floral black and white one piece curvy swimwear

This suit does come with straps but I prefer it without because I honestly don’t feel like I need them. It does have as strap across the back that adds to the fit and security of this suit.

The Artesands Brand was Made for Curves

Artesands specializes in fit for the curvy body and offers sizes US 8+ to 22+ (the + indicates a little bit extra). All bras are multifit and can accommodate a C-F cup. Needless to say, Artesands offers a wide variety of fits, sizes, and styles to fit a multitude of needs and taste.

Woman in two piece black curvy swimwear from the back
Artesands swim tops are equipped with a back clip for strength and comfort. They won’t pop open or pinch.
Smiling woman in blue, pink, and white floral two piece curvy swimwear
Ju Jardin Botticelli bikini top and Hayes swim pant
Close up of woman in floral black and white one piece swimsuit
Vineyard Botticelli One Piece

I’m super excited for this beach season! I plan to be cute, comfortable and secure thanks to Artesands! Check them out find your next beautiful yet reliable swimsuit. No official Hyman family beach trips have kicked off as of yet for 2020, but find some fun beach content from a visit to Emerald Isle, NC here.

Questions regarding sizing or fit? Don’t hesitate to ask! If you have comments or suggestions, talk to me! Don’t want to miss my shenanigans? Subscribe.

Talk soon!

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