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If you live in North Carolina like me, then it’s been exactly one week and two days since our little corner of the world stopped. People who have never experienced work from home (like me) or spent consecutive weekends at home (like me) have suddenly found themselves getting reacquainted with their homes and roommates (including the ones who don’t pay bills).

I know I’m not the only one who has longed for slow lazy weekends where clothing and makeup are optional…well look at God 😭. Welcome to real life y’all! I really anticipated there to be a period of adjustment to working from home, but I transitioned surprisingly well. I’m sharing five tips that helped make working from and being at home all the doggone time a tad more bearable.

Keep Your Morning Routine in Tact

If you follow me on the gram, then you’ve seen that I’ve been getting showered and dressed everyday since I began working from home full time—makeup included. I’ve seen other folks adamantly admonish the idea of putting on “real clothes” to stay in the house. However, doing the things that I would normally do to head into the office each morning has helped to get me into the head space to work. I saw a fellow influencer, who’s also a psychologist, speaking on instagram about how dressing in work clothes cues your brain that it’s time to work, while remaining in your jam jams cues your brain that it’s time to sleep. So when you see folks getting dressed to work from home understand that there is psychology behind that decision.

Have a Designated Work From Home Space

If you’re like me then you don’t have an office space in your house. Now, I did have an office space dreamed up for our house when I started my current job three years ago (I currently work from home one day a week). However my husband knixed that idea when he moved a pool table in 🙄. Man cave, sman cave! I just wanted a little corner! But I digress… Since I don’t have an office space, I’ve set up shop right in my dining room. Our dining table is also right in front of a huge window. Natural light is my love language! I recommend any well lit space where you’re able to sit upright. I’ve tried working from the recliner in front of the tv…‘‘twas a mistake 😂. Also, have everything that you need to get work done for the day handy. For me that my work laptop, my personal laptop, any paperwork/data, and a cup of coffee 🙌🏾.

Stick to Your Work Schedule When You Work From Home

Just because I can roll out of the bed at 8:55a to be at the office by 9a doesn’t mean I should. I wake at my usual time to give myself adequate time to get ready and set up before I go live at 9a. I also still eat lunch at 12ish…at the computer 😭 (I’m working on it) and end the day at 4:30p. Sticking to my usual work schedule helps me to set parameters around my day. For example, even though Doug is home during my lunch I don’t eat with him. If I were at the office, Doug wouldn’t typically be there. I’m trying my best to keep work time for work and home time for family.

Still smashing my frozen meals everyday

Find a Way to Drown Out Distractions

I know many of us are now sharing our “offices” with kiddos and spouses. However, we still have to focus! For me, noise cancelling headphones have been a lifesaver for my home and actual office. I usually listen to a true crime podcast or a show/movie that I’ve already seen that makes for good background noise. The key is to find what helps to minimize distractions without becoming one. I use COWIN Noise Cancelling headphones and they’re amazing! They’re wireless, work for days between charges, have amazing sound quality, and won’t break the bank.

Fill Your Home With A Good Fragrance

While everyone else was out cleaning the shelves of hand sanitizer and toilet paper, we were buying Air Wick plug-in refills 🤣. Literally! We’ve had the wall plugs for the longest time and just hadn’t gotten around to refilling them. For some reason, ya girl had time that day and I’m glad I did! As I walked through the house last weekend I patted myself on the back for insisting that we get those refills. The fresh, clean scent throughout our home has been so soothing and cozy 🤗. Don’t have Air Wick plug-ins? That’s cool! Burn your favorite candle. Put your favorite oil in the diffuser. Melt your favorite wax melts. If you don’t have a fragrance to lend to the environment, that’s fine too. Just remember to spritz on your favorite perfume/cologne when you’re going through that morning routine.

How are you adjusting to working from home? What are some things that have worked well for you? What are some barriers to productivity? I know being in the house 24/7 can be uber stressful so don’t forget to partake of self care. Read about some ways I try to stay balanced here.

I hope you all are well 🙏🏾. Please comment,ike, share, and subscribe!

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