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Over the last few months I have been obsessed with learning about new black owned beauty brands. In that time, I’ve added quite a few to my ever growing collection. Uoma Beauty’s Say What?! foundation has been one of them. I’ve been using this foundation since the middle of the summer, and figured it was time to do a review.

Uoma Beauty’s Say What?! Foundation: Color Match

I purchased my Uoma Beauty Say What!? foundation directly from the site, though it is also available at Ulta. The Uoma Beauty website has a foundation matching tool for their 51 shades that makes suggestions based upon your complexion. I went back and forth between the “Brown Sugar” and “Bronze Venus” complected ladies, but ultimately landed in the “Bronze Venus” category. I generally believe I have warm undertones, which I’ve probably said here before, but with every new foundation I try I’m starting to believe otherwise. However, I went with my usual notion and opted from a warm shade. I ended up with T2W after staring it and T2N down for a solid 15 minutes. I decided on T2W because I believed the T2N would be just a tad too dark.

Uoma Beauty's Say What Foundation in T2W on the back of a black woman's hand

The TW2 is very warm on my skin, but is overall a good match. I probably will try a more neutral shade when it’s time to purchase again. Next time I’m thinking I’ll try the T1N, which is described as a shade for rich tan skin tones.

Uoma Beauty’s Say What?! Foundation: Coverage

This is a full coverage foundation through and through! A little certainly goes a long way in building a full look. This foundation is my go to for when I want a full face without much effort. It creates a more matte finish. If I’m going for a dewier look, it wouldn’t be my first choice. However, that doesn’t mean that this foundation can’t support the glow. I recommend a liquid highlight under a powder highlight to really make the cheeks pop.

Uoma Beauty's Say What?! Foundation on a black woman's face in T2W

Uoma Beauty’s Say What?! Foundation: Durability

The Uoma Beauty Say What?! Foundation definitely stands up to my oily skin. It lasts all day, and I rarely see separation or creasing in my smile lines. Of course, I always set my face with a powder and a setting spray.

Black woman with big and and full makeup

Wrapping up

If you’re in the market for a full coverage, long lasting foundation I’d certainly recommend giving Uoma Beauty’s Say What?! Foundation a try. Another black owned foundation I’m loving right now is Juvia’s Place Velvety Matte foundation, and you can read my review of that one here.

What foundations are you guys currently loving? Have you tried the Uoma Beauty Say What?! Foundation? If so, what are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

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Black woman with big hair and full makeup

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