Refreshing thirsty curls; as easy as 1-2-3 with Cantu Coconut Curling Cream

Like most other naturals, I’ve co-washed, shingled and twisted my way through a sea of products specifically developed for natural coils, kinks and curls. I’ve tried the high end on down to the more economically priced, from sulfate free shampoos to curl enhancing creams. I say all that to say, that I’ve been around the block and there’s one brand of product in particular that I keep coming back to; Cantu.

I’ve not found another brand of products that transform my curls quite like Cantu’s products, specifically Cantu Coconut Curling Cream. In terms of skin, I’m SUPER oily but when it comes to my hair, I struggle with dryness. Cantu offers a range of products including thicker creams which make it easier to keep my thirsty locks moisturizes. Plus, I’ll admit, I’m not the best at moisturizing my hair regularly so I need a product with staying power.

I’ve gotten amazing results with a number of Cantu products, but my favorite remains their Coconut Curling Cream. The description boasts of capabilities such as “defining curls without weighing them down”, and “reducing frizz” which I can attest to both! Keep reading to see how I used this wonder product to refresh a 7-day old twist out.

As the title suggests, I’ll show you how I refreshed my curls in 3 easy steps using only a spray bottle, my Cantu Coconut Curling Cream and my fingers! Simple enough, right?

1. Starting with the sections that require the most TLC (e.g., the most frizzy or lacking in definition), separate the strands into a one inch (or smaller depending on the look you want to achieve) section with your fingers.

Lightly mist the section with your spray bottle. You don’t want to saturate the hair, lest you want to invite shrinkage to the party. If that’s your thing, more power to you! But, if not, a spritz or two of water will do.

2. Start with literally a dab of product. Dip your fingertip into the Curling Cream, scooping out about a pea sized amount or slightly less.

3. Smooth the Curling Cream down the section of pre-moistened hair starting at mid shaft and working your way up.

I know you’re probably thinking, “why mid shaft and not the root?” Though I like to moisturize the entire section of hair, I like less product at the root of my hair so that I can maintain volume. The bigger the hair, the better!

After coating the section, begin coiling it around your finger. If it’s a particularly stubborn section (like the entire left side of my head), try twisting the hair gently between your thumb and index finger to coil it. Repeat steps 2-3 until you’ve achieved the desired look.

Violá! You’re done! Now, I prefer to do this before bedtime to allow my hair time to dry overnight. That way the curls are less likely to frizz when I separate them. Using this method, I’m able to stretch my twist out for another 3-4 days while enjoying definition and shine.

How do you guys refresh old styles? I’d love to hear from you! As always, if you have and question, comments or suggestions, talk to me! If you like what you see, subscribe!

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Christmas Feels

Christmas Day is finally upon us, and among mapping our route to homes of our loved ones, hoping we found the perfect gifts and figuring out how to get all the food we accumulated over the day into our car, was deciding what to wear for the day.

When dressing ,for most occasions, I typically go for cute as well as comfortable (I’m sure I’ve said that before). So, I thought today was appropriate to pull my hunter green velvet moto jacket out of the closet.

It paired easily, as you’d expect, with an all black ensemble. Thankfully, it wasn’t too cold during the day so it kept me warm.

I was also able to bring out this super cute bag that I happened upon at TJ Maxx! I’ve linked other cute ones here and here.

I was SUPER happy that my most recent order from Shoedazzle arrived before we got on the road to travel home.

This Anka Ankle Knit Bootie is my new bae!

I hope you all had a blessed and safe Christmas! As always, if you have and questions, comment or suggestions, talk to me! If you like what you see, subscribe!

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Velvet on velvet

Last night we hit the streets of Durham, NC to celebrate our friend’s *cough, cough* 21st birthday. I knew we’d be out and about quite a bit, so I wanted to be comfortable as well as cute.

This dress I found during the Thanksgiving sales. I took one look at it and scooped it up for 2 reasons! 1. I’m currently infatuated with velvet and 2. It has bell sleeves (double whammy!). See the dress here. The boots are from Shoedazzle and, though you can’t tell from this picture, are flats! Again, I knew we’d be walking quite a bit, so I opted for cute and comfortable. See the boots here.

Check out some more flicks of me and the birthday girl below.

Choker: Target

Necklace: Paparazzi

Behind every bomb instagram pic of a girl is a man taking it 😂. Look at our poor husbands ready to go to dinner. We’re like, “wait, one more please!”


Happy Birthday, Rachel! 🎉

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I got a new camera!

So, I finally took the plunge and invested in a big girl camera. This was surprisingly hard for me to do for 2 reasons. 1. I’m impatient and like to make decisions quickly. 2. I get overwhelmed when there’s too many options! Anybody who’s shopped for a camera and knows nothing about aperture or ISO (like me!), knows what I mean.

After extensive research (approximately 2 hours 😂), I decided on the Sony A6000 in white. This was a difficult decision, not only for the reasons I’ve already mentioned, but because I know that the Nikons and Canons dominate the photography world. However I read the reviews (and read them again), and decided I could live with the pros and cons of this camera. Also, it’s super freakin’ cute (that was the real deciding factor).

My dear sweet friend, Lora was such a good sport and let me test out my new found camera skills on her. Check out some of my handiwork below!


I was so impressed by the quality of these pictures, even in a dimly lit restaurant and outside in the dark!

Lora, who knows way more about camera than me, took a turn shooting me as well 😬.

Overall, I’m pleased with my investment and am excited to learn more about it. What cameras are you guys shooting with?

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These are a few of my favorite things: Holiday Edition!

With the Black Friday sales just passed and Christmas quickly approaching, my time spent shopping has increased exponentially. Ok, who am I kidding? I shop all the time! Ha! But still, the holiday season not only makes my shopping addiction feel a little more justified, but has a exposed me to a number of very cute pieces that I’ve either added to my closet, will be adding to my closet, or wish I could add to my closet. Either way, check out some of the things I’ve eyed in stores (and online) lately that are perfect for this season. (*Note: click numbers to be linked to product!)


Silver Jumpsuit Target

I spotted this cute jumpsuit in Target, and considered it for a wedding we’ll be attending on New Year’s Day. However, it would also be perfect for the company Christmas party or a New Year’s Eve celebration. It’s festive, cute, and the loose fit makes it perfect for dancing the night away.



What other time of year screams “bow” more than the holiday season?! This shoe is perfect for Christmas and beyond. The lace overlay detail and bow makes for a demure and classy shoe.


Faux. Fur. Scarf. Need I say more?! Fancy! Plus it comes in multiple colors.



Wine is the perfect color for the holiday season! Plus, the off shoulder design and a-line fit makes for one very flattering dress.



Need to add a little edge to your wardrobe this holiday season? Look no further, fam! These chunky heeled shoes are simple, yet make a big statement. The studs are the perfect detail to add a little spice to any holiday outfit.


I personally own this jumpsuit, and let me just note how comfortable it is! I mean, it provides plenty room to gorge at holiday parties without worrying about having your tummy bound in a prison of shame afterwards (I’m just saying).


I bought this jacket after having my heart crushed at New York and Company, where I found the most beautiful, velvet moto jacket.  Sadly, it was not only the last one in the store, but the last one anywhere as far as I could tell; it wasn’t in my size (le sigh). I went on the hunt for a similar jacket, but was disappointed with the alternatives. I gave up my search for a wine colored moto jacket when I came across this beauty on Macy’s website. She’s currently 30% off with code “FRIEND” until 12/11/17.


I did mention that navy (well not quite navy here) is my new favorite color for the holidays right? A little added bling=sold!


So, clearly, I’m all about some faux right now. And why not? It’s stylish and warm.


This bootie I stumbled upon during my Black Friday travels. I was literally on the way out of the door when I spotted them. I liked them so much that I got back into the EXTREMELY long line to buy them after I’d already checked out. The color and material made it an easy sell for. They’re also really comfortable.

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So, I think navy is my new favorite color for the holidays…

When you think of the holidays- Thanksgiving and Christmas- what colors come to mind? Obviously the warm, wine hues, the pine green, gold and silver. But, what about navy? When you think about it, where else does navy really fit in the grand scheme of season related colors? I think it fits perfectly in the most wonderful time of the year.

That’s why when I saw this beautiful velvet number, I knew I had to have it. If summer was off shoulder everything, then fall and winter is definitely all velvet everything (I bought an embarrassing number of velvet pieces during this weekend’s sales). The color and the hemline were an added bonus. Navy is one of my favorite colors (I just had this revelation as I’m typing this). So much so, it almost made our wedding palette cut. It’s such a regal color that looks great on an aray of skin tones.

I opted to wear this dress as we welcomed family into our home to celebrate Thanksgiving. The stretch of the fabric made for a comfortable fit which made it easy for me to move around the kitchen while putting finishing touches on the meal.

Another thing that I really love about navy is that it pairs well with gold or silver. As a result, it was a perfect fit for a pair of silver, sparkly Steve Madden sandals that I’ve had for quite some time now. However, I could definitely see myself wearing this dress again and accenting it with gold accessories and shoes.

I found this dress on Amazon. You can see it here. *Warning* This dress does come in multiple colors/ styles, so don’t be confused. Select color to see all available options.

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“Winthrop ever stand!” The words we sang as we closed out a homecoming luncheon honoring graduates celebrating 5-55 years as alumni of the greatest institution of higher learning in the land (I may be a little biased). This homecoming was especially important to me as I celebrated my 10th year as a Winthrop alumna. It was a time to not only reflect on my accomplishments as a graduate, but a time to reconnect with those who made an impact on my life while attending Winthrop. In short, it was a time to see and be seen! From the luncheon to the parties, the weekend was not short on opportunities to be seen. Check out some flicks of the weekend below.

This outfit was my favorite of the entire weekend. Business casual is one of the looks where I feel most like myself; classy with a side of sassy. This outfit was perfect for the tone of the reunion luncheon.

The blazer I snatched up during a summer sale at H&M. While I’m certain this one is long gone, I’ve linked some other cute ones here, here and here. The pants and top are from New York and Company (shocker, I know!) See the top here and a very cute, very similar pant here. My favorite part of homecoming is always connecting with old friends and classmates.

My vest I found on Amazon (another all time fav place to shop). I like that this vest is not only fashionable, but functional. I mean what’s not to love about a vest? They can pull many different looks together, and provide extra pockets ( I was sold at extra pockets). Plus, the garnet was a perfect match for my Alma Mata’s colors, Garnet and Gold. See this vest here. The jeans are from Old Navy’s Rockstar Collection. I especially like these because they have the built-in sculpt feature. They hug my body in all the right places to provide that extra tuck and lift . These have quickly become my favorite jeans. See them here. The shoes were a 2016 Christmas gift from my sweet hubby, and I must say he outdid himself. These wedges are cute as well as comfortable (obviously because I wore them for hours at a homecoming tailgate). These booties are made by G.H. Bass and are no longer available on their site. I’ve linked another cute bootie from them here.

The homecoming festivites, of course, continued into the evening hours.

This dress I found from my favorite sites based out of the UK, Boohoo. My sister friend introduced me to this site about 5 years ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since. The sleeves of this dress immediately caught my eye. A LBD is always a good choice, and you can’t go wrong with an eye catching twist. See this dress here. Shout out to my best friend, Shanna, for not letting me fall here!

When it came to the shoes, I felt like this dress called for something extra. I could have easily paired this dress with a classic pump and called it a day.  But, I decided to go a different route and called upon my Isobel’s to finish the job. The laces and chunky heels were in stark contrast to how I’d typically style a midi dress. However, I think the flare of the sleeves paired well with this ankle hugging shoe(they also pair really well with jeans).  The Isobel bootie is not longer available on the Shoedazzle site, but the Hope bootie is very similar.

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Anniversary Look!

As I mentioned in my instagram post, I LOVE New York & Company. Growing up as a bigger girl, I’ve always been able to find beautiful clothing in my size and length when I venture into their stores. As a result, I’ve remained a loyal customer into my adult years.

The look I chose for our anniversary outing (again, minus the boots) was all brought to you by New York & Company. If you’re at all interested in the pieces that comprised this outfit, keep reading.


This shirt is one of my FAVORITES. I love that it’s a bodysuit, so I have no issues with it staying tucked. See it here.


The skirt is also NY&Co, but a very old find. It’s actually a bit too big for me now,  but nothing a few well placed safety pins couldn’t handle. See other very cute alternatives here and here.


The boots, I’m also in love with. I appreciate the moderate heel which makes them cute as well as practical. You can see them here.


The coat is from the Gabrielle Union line at NY&Co. I liked the fact that it was not only super cute,  but really affordable. The material also makes it appropriate for fall or winter. See it here.

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