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Even though the temperature in NC has yet to fall, I think I’ve come to terms with the fact that summer is finally over. If you’re like I was prior to my visit with Tina D’Von, (founder and owner of the Skin Studio),

I’m sure maintaining body hair to a reasonable level came to end as well. I would be the first one packing my razor away until next spring to begin growing out my “winter coat”. But honestly, just because temperatures are starting to fall doesn’t mean our standards have to (unless your standard is keeping au naturel, then more power to ya). Amirite?!
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I’m relinquishing my winter fur grower registration card this fall/ winter, and allowing Tina D’von to take care of my skin care needs. Plus, I have one more beach trip this year and in case the weather hold, I don’t want to be caught slippin’ in my swimsuit. OK! I ventured down to Raleighwood to pay a visit to Tina to get my situation all the way together. 
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I’m sure you’re wondering what’s  so special about Tina’s salon that I had to drive an hour away just to get waxed (other’s drive further). After all, I could get waxed at any local nail salon or big box wax center, right? Very true. But what sets Tina about is her background. With a background in the medical profession and experience with those same large hair removal companies ya’ll were just trying to send me to save my coins and time, Tina comes with a wealth of knowledge. What I loved about my time with Tina is that she didn’t just rip my hair out and send me on my way. She took her time with me, explained what she was doing at every step of the process and why she was doing it. The lady knows her stuff! What stuck with me most is that when she was preparing to wax my brows, she gave me recommendation on how to grow out my own eyebrows! I had never had anyone do that before. Shoot, I didn’t even know there was anything I could do to promote growth of my own notoriously sparse brows. I just figured I’d have to be really good at drawing them on all my life, and making sure I didn’t leave a little brow behind every time I hugged someone. Seriously! Lol!
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When it came time for tidy up my lady parts, I was totally confident in Tina’s abilities. After years of working in doctor’s offices (including an OB/GYN), she knows her way about the female anatomy. She again talked to me through every step of the process, and did everything to she could to make it as painless as possible. She also schooled me on how often I should be waxing, and didn’t recommend some ridiculous number that would just be good for her bottom line in the end. I will say that the first time I was waxed, there was no instruction on when I should return or how I should care for my freshly waxed skin in the coming days; Tina did all that. She instructed me on when to return, what to avoid over the next 24-48 and how to keep my skin smooth while avoiding ingrown hairs. I can’t stress how knowledgeable Tina is and how that put this (essentially) wax newby at ease. I don’t think I could ever return to a wax center where I was just an appointment.
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Tina provides an array of waxing services, and can no doubt meet your need. Currently she accepts visitors by appointment only (schedule your appointment here), but is available between the hours of 10 am and 7 pm most days.  My visit was was well worth it not only for her level of skill and knowledge, but because of her incredibly inspiring story. When you stop by to see her, I’m sure she won’t mind sharing a bit about how she took the “scenic route” to her destiny and how all of her experiences led her to exactly where she was always meant to be. Her passion and love for what she does emanates from the service she provides and care she takes in her work.  Thank you, Tina for taking such good care of me! See you soon, girl!
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