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New Season, Who Dis? Acheiving My Best Warm Weather Skin.

Hey ya’ll! Spring made it’s official entrance this past week, and now that skin we’ve been neglecting all winter long is in need of some love. Even for those of us who have been sticking to a skincare routine throughout the colder months, a new season can call for a new approach. I sweat like nobody’s business, so I’ve been really focusing on keeping … Read More New Season, Who Dis? Acheiving My Best Warm Weather Skin.


#DARKLIPSZN (Dark Lip Season)

Hey ya’ll! Happy Sunday! I hope you all had an amazing weekend and are ready for Monday. Last week I posted a selfie showcasing my dark lippie on the gram. After that, I got to thinking


Keeping it Wintertime Fine: Part 1

Hey ya’ll! Even though the temperature in NC has yet to fall, I think I’ve come to terms with the fact that summer is finally over. If you’re like I was prior to my visit with Tina D’Von, (founder and owner of the Skin Studio),


Morning Skincare Routine

Hey y’all! For anybody who’s trying to navigate adult acne like me, you already know the struggle of nailing down the perfect skincare regimen. Plus, if you’re also an avid makeup lover, then you know the key to great makeup is great skin ✨.

My Fave Face Tools

Hey y’all! In the world of makeup and beauty, all the different product options can be overwhelming; mattifying, long-wear, waterproof, so on and so forth. I personally feel I’m pretty seasoned when it comes to choosing a product, but I can only


Ipsy Faves💕

Hey y’all! I’ve been subscribing to Ipsy for about 6 months now. So far, I’ve been interested in about 95% of what I’ve received (those are pretty good stats). However, there are products that I use pretty regularly which I’ve rounded up for this post! 1. M. A. D’s Spot On Skin Brightening Serum If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million … Read More Ipsy Faves💕


NYX haul!

Hey y’all! Last weekend while in NYC I was able to set foot in a brick and mortar NYX cosmetics store. Now, this is so amazing because up until that very weekend, I didn’t know NYX stores existed (don’t judge me, y’all!) ! Imagine my surprise and delight! My husband was amused by me. If I could have taken the whole store with me, … Read More NYX haul!


New Product Alert!: “the Estée edit” review

So I mentioned on an Instagram story yesterday that I’d picked up some new products over the weekend. I’d never heard of the brand before, but noticed it bore the Estée Lauder name. I figured since it was backed by a reputable brand, it’d be worth a try. Plus, they were on clearance for $6 a piece! Sold! The Flash Illuminator was easier to … Read More New Product Alert!: “the Estée edit” review